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About Serge Prengel


Serge Prengel's approach is experiential and integrative. He aims for deep insights that are action-oriented:

"It takes a sense of comfort and safety to explore unresolved challenges, to get in touch with difficult feelings, and to find the motivation and inner strength that foster lasting change.

"My goal is to create the kind of atmosphere that makes this possible. I am emotionally present with you. I use my creativity, and I appeal to your creativity.

"This work is interactive: Both you and I are actively involved in the creative process of making change happen.

"Even dealing with difficult situations can come to feel like a very satisfying process when it is done with emotional honesty and creativity."

Serge Prengel, LMHC, is a graduate of France's Sorbonne University and HEC Business School. He is certified in Focusing, in Core Energetics and in Somatic Experiencing. His work also draws from Systems-Centered theory. He is a co-founder of the Integrative Focusing Therapy training program.

Serge's books:

15-minute couples communication workbook15 Minute Couples Communication Workbook: You are 15 minutes away from getting a better understanding of how to handle relationship conflicts. With only 35 pages, and many illustrations, this book outlines profound concepts in a direct and powerful way. It also provides specific, step-by-step advice on how you can practice active listening to improve your communication skills. See it on Amazon.

15-minute self-motivation workbook15 Minute Self-Motivation Workbook: You are 15 minutes away from understanding how self-motivation works. In only 24 pages, including many illustrations, this book describes a simple approach that helps you overcome procrastination and self-sabotage. If you’re feeling stuck, now is the time to resolve inner conflicts and get unstuck. See it on Amazon.

bedtime stories for your inner childBedtime Stories For Your Inner Child: These three inspirational fables offer powerful parables in a playful format inspired by children's books. These are visual stories with a poetic text that you will enjoy reading out loud. See it on Amazon.

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